Monday, October 3, 2011

Party Time

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The Entire Layout

I have had this paper taunting me for nearly a year now. When I saw it at the store I loved it. I loved it mainly because it gender nuetral which is sometimes hard to find, dont get me wrong I love the fun girly papers and I so love the boyish paper but sometimes its nice to have something that can be used for either especially when ebay is concerned. I had this cut and sewn for 3 weeks now trying to debate which way to go. I wasn't sure which piecings to use. I was doing a search on my harddrive and I found little matthew monkey from my cuddley cuties cd. I havent really had a chance to use him till now . I had alot of fun putting him together so I think I will have to start using him more. I will be selling a kit similar to this soon. thanks for looking. -Jill

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