Monday, April 6, 2009

Free File

So this week has started out kinda crummy and to be honest Ive been a little grumpy, I have an abcessed tooth and have to wait until friday for my root canal. Then My 18 month old spilled marinara on my living room carpet, and my 3 1/2 year had an accident in our new wagon. Really it hasnt been a great day! But thanks to cricut who highlighted me in the Chirp and made me a little happier Ive decided to give away my Spring flowers cut file for FREE. So if you want it email me at and I will send it to you. also specify which format you want it in. I offer .SVG .PDF .WPC .DXF I will keep this offer open for 24 hours. humn...not good enough I will also send a cute Easter Printable to use as a stamp. pictured above!


Kerry D-C said...

ouch! I am sorry about your tooth. I have had too many root canals. Bad genes! LOL! The good news is that by Friday you'll be thrilled to be having a root canal! LOL! Who'd have thunk?! LOL!
How nice of you to be giving things away in your misery! Hopefully the rest of your week will look up...the tooth will feel better, the marinara will go away..."accidents", won't stink...!

Cookie said...

I love your layout your very talented!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Hope you have a better day!

:) smile's.....Cookie

my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your day and can totally relate. I would love your cut file. I need an .svg. E-mail: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just had a root canal last month! I feel so much better now! I would love to have your cut file in wpc format. Thank you so much! Good luck on Friday!

soapymomponders said...

Sorry about your tooth, the carpet, and the car. Sounds like a wicked week for sure!
I love your file and would need it in PDF format. I don't have anything that I know of that reads the other items.


Anonymous said...

I would love the file in svg and printable
I tried emailing you and it came back
thanks for such a inspiration

QweenDavia said...

I just love your work I have not been crafting much latey but after seeing what you made I am so inspired!I wish I would have seen your offer a little sooner! I think it might be too late if not I would love to have it it would be prefect for teh Boo Boo bunny's I am going to do for the family!if it's not too late, I think I will email just in case:)

The Trusty Blog said...

Try spraying the stain with hydrogen peroxide. It takes out wine, juice, blood stains, etc.

Debbie H said...

I would love your Spring Flowers cut file in .SVG format, that would be super! Loved your work on the Cricut newsletter, congrats!

Deb H

Lana said...

Ooh I have had an abcess and they are not nice :0( Sorry to hear you are not having a good day, but congrats on making the chirp.
If it's not too late I would love the file in WPC format
Thank you
Lana x

kermetta said...

i would love the svg file. you are the greatest for offering this. It will be great for cards or for a lo

Mickelson Family said...

I would love a printable copy of this amazingly cute flowers. oh and by the way I am headed to the dentist in the morning too. I need a crown after a nasty root canal. So I am sorry you have to wait.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing........just love bunnies :)
hope ya feel better soon!

Sue Phillips said...

Your bunny is so cute and a gotta have for Easter. Hope your root canal goes okay for you. Can't believe you thought about others when you're dealing with so much.

Sue Phillips in So. Calif.

cheryl said...

Just saw your layout and now have checked out your blog. These are just adorable. Do you make these with the cricut? If so which cart? I understand if you don't want to give up your secret(s). I'm just starting the whole cricut thing. I just received the expressions and the design center. Well, just wanted to comment on your adorable bunny.

Sincrely, Cheryl

JillRv said...

Thank you Cheryl and everyone! I dont have any secrets and am willing to share any information with you all. Yes I used the cricut. I used carts paperdoll dress up for the fence and walk in my garden for the sign. doodlecharms can be used for the basket and eggs. the bunnies chicks and bear are a combination of my own designs and kits n giggles which can be cut with a cricut with SCAL or other cutting machine. if you have any more questions please dont hestitate to ask.

the paper line is imaginisce for peeps sakes and the flowers are all prima!

Linda H. said...

I would really appreciate your free patterns also. Thank you so much for sharing. Linda H.