Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kits N' Giggles

Please pardon the quality of these pictures, blogger is being really touchy for me and it wont let be ubdate my better quality ones!

So we decided that with our kits we would show some samples of different skill levels. To make this layout it took 35 minutes and is at a beginner skill level.

a friend and I decided to go into partnership together and make and sell paper pieced scrapbook kits, We have been working hard this past month and are finally almost ready to release our Easter kits! These kits will be similar to what we have displayed on our blogs! Every few months we will be releasing new kits to match that time of the year! We will only have a limited number of each kits available, For our Easter we will only be making and selling 30 kits. You can preorder your kits HERE ! price 11.99 plus shipping and handling

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the5johnsons said...

I love these. They are soo cute and easy for someone like me. The price is awesome too. Thanks for doing all the hard work for me so that i can have darling layouts too.