Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boys layout (cowboy)

okay so I changed it up and added a title and some horshoes oh and a cowboy hat I cant believe the difference it made and I actually have bids on it yeah!
So I went to the BO BUNNY sale. I have had my eye on this line of paper but didnt want to spend the full price. I was so excited when I saw it for so cheap. I also finally got the new line of flowers from prima their obsession line love them Im obsessed now I just need time to play with them. heres my newest for ebay! I made the title lil buckaroo so it can be used for a variety of pics


Dereck & Shelly said...

I like your new pages. They are way cute. Did you do them with your new machine?

the5johnsons said...

holy cow these are the cutest pages i have ever seen. Can't wait til i get mine. Just kidding about the last part, but i do want to copy them.